Educational Programs

Educational Programs:

Stage for Learning Ethnic Diversity in your Community

The Stage for Learning in your community  is a unique blend of educational, cultural workshop activities combined with the cultural pride of our CFAC Teachers, choreographers and performing  members. Reaching out to children and youth, the Stage for Learning is an education program designed to help students appreciate the diversity of cultures and motivate students to take pride in their own cultural heritage.

Explaining Our Cultural Heritages To Youth

With our talented ensemble of ethnic performers and teachers, who with passion and devotion, share their cultures with groups of students, we can customize the Stage for Learning to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Educating students is your specialty; enhancing a classroom with hands-on multicultural workshops is ours.

Teaching professionals from all Cultures

Teachers from every area of study can enjoy the benefits of The Stage for Learning. For example, a Music teacher can book a performer/musician, a Social Studies teacher can book an Ambassador/Spokesperson, a Language Arts teacher can book an artisan and a Phys. Ed. teacher can book a folk dance.

Teachers specify the goals of each workshop and we then work with each performer to mold and shape the program to suit their needs.

New: Guide to Ethnic Communities in Ontario

Together with the Dance department at the faculty of Fine Arts, York University, the Folk Art Council’s research associate is examining how cultural communities in Ontario use dance to reinforce their sense of identity and belonging. 

Study World Dance at York

York University’s Dance Department offers courses that include not only modern and balletic dance, but also world dance.  In 2007, Folk Art Council Chairman Fethi Karakecili taught courses in middle Eastern and European Dance, and this year York offers a course in dance from the Philippines.

*Click here for more information on York’s World Dance program