About Us

newfethipicThe Community Folk Art Council of Toronto Mission:
To promote the preservation, development and advancement of the cultural and artistic heritage of the people of Toronto

The Community Folk Art Council of Toronto runs five main programs that fulfill its mission:

  • Multicultural Canada Day Festival is hailed as the largest multicultural Canada Day festival in Toronto. Held annually at Yonge Dundas Square with over 50,000 in audience attendance; the CFAC showcases the food, song and dance of the diverse ethnic communities that make up Toronto.
  • The Stage for Learning Diversity in your Community  is an educational program that brings multicultural Educators and teachers, entertainers, artisans and storytellers to classrooms and community centres throughout Toronto.
  • Resource Library – Library of papers published about the safeguarding traditional culture and folklore
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage, The mission is to safeguard and sustain the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ontario for present and future generations, as a vital part of the identities of Ontarians, and as a valuable collection of unique knowledge and customs. This will be achieved through policies that support initiatives that celebrate, record, disseminate and promote our living heritage and help to build bridges between diverse cultural groups within and outside Ontario.
  • CFAC Membership Groups; a full-service entertainment booking agency that represents multicultural and contemporary performers, plans special events, conventions and so much more.

The Community Folk Art Council of Toronto invites you to enjoy the performing arts, visual arts, crafts, dancing, information and foods representing cultures from around the globe.

Funded on Local and Federal levels:

The Community Folk Art Council, a not-for-profit, charitable organization, that is funded by Canadian Heritage and the City of Toronto.  The CFAC presents through the many festivals and performances the heritage of over 100 nationalities found in Toronto through its large membership of over 100 ethnic groups.


Our Resource Centre:

The CFAC also acts as  a resource centre for our member groups. We have a documentation centre and office staff experienced in dealing with the issues faced by members. We organize workshops to assist our groups develop various skills and expertise.We help with providing contacts and intervene in setting up networks among the various member groups. We keep abreast of the many issues which affect our members and ensure their best interests are represented in all cases. We also provide marketing and publicity assistance to groups looking for help in promoting local events.